citiES 2030 promotes the decarbonization of Spanish cities within the framework of the European Union Missions.

What is citiES 2030?

citiES 2030 is a multi-stakeholder space for collaboration and innovation aimed at supporting the transition of Spanish cities towards climate neutrality, within the framework of the European Missions. The platform develops activities and offers services to facilitate the transformation towards healthier and more sustainable cities.



citiES 2030 seeks to accelerate urban climate action towards decarbonization and resilience. To do this, it:

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    Facilitate multi-stakeholder collaboration: among cities, public sector organizations, the private sector, academia, civil society, and citizens.

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    Aligns collaboration at multiple levels: European, national, and local, within the framework of the Cities Mission and the Adaptation Mission.

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    It offers several services tailored to cities and their stakeholder ecosystem, with a focus on learning, collaboration, and project implementation.

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    Encourages dialogue and co-creation of multi-city initiatives and programs.

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    Promotes the participation, activation, and involvement of all relevant stakeholders in order to transform cities.


citiES 2030 deploys a series of services aimed at participating cities and organizations, in three key areas:

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    Meeting: Services focused on learning, communication and exchange of knowledge and experiences.

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    Training: Services focused on the development of Climate City Contracts.

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    Implementation: Services focused on the implementation of cities’ interconnected portfolios of projects, and the development of multi-city collaboration programs.

citiES 2030 is promoted by EIT Climate-KIC and the Polytechnic University of Madridunder the mandate of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) through the Fundación Biodiversidad and the Spanish Office for Climate Change, within the framework of the PIMA Adapta

citiES 2030 has a clear multi-stakeholder focus, promoting the involvement and engagement of civil society, the public sector, the private sector and academia into the work of the cities in order to enhance the design and implementation of Climate City Contracts in Spanish cities.