citiES 2030 deploys a series of support services to accelerate the transition to climate neutrality of Spanish cities and platform member organizations.

These services seek to provide:

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    Capacity building for the stakeholder ecosystem.

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    Support to draft and monitor Climate City Contracts and help with the design of roadmaps in a multi-stakeholder environment.

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    Connection with similar processes in other European cities.

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    Support to develop local systemic innovation platforms to design portfolios of transformative local and multi-city projects.

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    Support with strategic communications.

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    Assistance to cities in structuring transformational financing plans, involving financial stakeholders.

The services are articulated in 3 areas:Meeting, Training and Implementation.

Meeting space

The meeting space aims to offer citiES 2030 members a series of services focused on learning, communication and the exchange of knowledge and experience between all members of the platform.

The NZC portal is a service that this project makes available to all individuals and organisations involved in the European Cities Mission. In this space you will find:

  • citiES 2030 Community: Group dedicated to the members of the National Platform in which you can find out about the latest news, events and updates of the European Cities Mission in Spain.
  • Knowledge repository: More than 2,500 documents, tools and case studies related to social innovation, financing, governance, systemic innovation, among others.

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The citiES 2030 Summer Course is the annual meeting with all members of the platform, which seeks to be the space dedicated to reflect, learn, share and design the next steps in the implementation of the Mission in Spain. This meeting is held in collaboration with the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) in the framework of its summer courses in the city of Santander.

An open, relaxed and agile space for conversation, listening, learning and knowledge exchange. Through this bimonthly, online, 55-minute event, we address specific topics that contribute to generate new perspectives for the implementation of the Mission in Spain.

A space for capacity building to help citiES 2030 member organizations on their way to climate neutrality. A training process that introduces key principles in critical aspects of the Mision. A space to build trust and confidence, resolve doubts, and begin to experience what the Mission approach and its implementation mean.

It aims to keep all citiES 2030 members updated and facilitate their participation in the platform's activities. With a bi-monthly frequency, it aims to be a useful tool to share the progress of the Mission and the ecosystem of actors.

Since 2015, the Climathon is the world's largest climate innovation hackathon focused on citizen participation. Cities and citizens come together to address the local challenges of climate change. With the methodology designed by EIT Climate-KIC, citiES 2030 unites Spanish cities in the Climathon aligning challenges and strengthening the capacities of cities and their ecosystems in climate action.

Training space

The training space aims to provide cities and organizations that are part of the citiES 2030 ecosystem with the necessary skills to address the organizational, technical and financial challenges posed by the implementation of the European Cities and Adaptation Mission. This space has services aimed at cities and their local ecosystems that want to move towards climate neutrality, accompanying them in the drafting of the Climate City Contracts.

This itinerary aims to provide cities and organizations that are part of the citiES 2030 ecosystem with the necessary skills to address the organizational, technical and financial challenges posed by the implementation of the European Cities Mission. It also helps to establish a dialogue with experts and strengthen relationships between participating cities and organizations.

More details coming soon.

Through this service, citiES 2030 accompanies cities in the drafting of Climate Agreements and facilitates the coordinated and simultaneous drafting in several Spanish cities. In this way, it resolves doubts and difficulties that arise throughout the drafting process and promotes the exchange of learning between cities and organizations.

This activity seeks to coordinate joint communication and advocacy actions between the cities.

Implementation space

Services which focus on the implementation of cities’ interconnected project portfolios and the development of multi-city collaboration programs.

The multi-city project for large-scale energy retrofit in Spanish cities is a comprehensive program designed within the framework of the European Cities Mission in Spain, to contribute to a significant increase in building rehabilitation. It uses a systemic and multi-stakeholder transformation approach, promoting collaboration between municipalities, financial institutions, companies, universities and technology centers, and civil society.

The main objective is to achieve the retrofit of 100,000 homes per year, starting with seven Spanish cities (Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Valladolid, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Zaragoza), and thus, through shared learning and the identification of best practices, to scale to other interested cities on the platform.